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Following the UK government’s guidance, consultations with religious scholars and health professionals, the Trustees and Management of The Muslim Youth Foundation have decided to suspend all congregational prayers, including Jumah/Friday until further notice. This is a decision that was not taken lightly. However, the measure had to be taken for the greater good and to prevent further spread of the coronavirus in the UK.

We turn to Allah SWT to seek His protection in all matters while taking all the necessary precautions and measures to protect ourselves, our communities and society at large. We therefore use this opportunity to urge all to follow the advice and guidance provided by the public health authorities, the local and national governments to ensure the spread of the virus is delayed, contained and ultimately eradicated inshAllah.

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The MYF was established to promote Islam to both Muslims and the wider society. The MYF was one of the pioneers in the UK in using the English language as its medium for all its programmes including the Friday khutbah as part of the Jumah salah. Initially the focus of the MYF was the development of Muslim youth through various educational, social and spiritual programmes including national youth camps with many of these youth going on to be productive, successful members of the community.

Muslim Youth Foundation has played a prominent part in promoting Inter-faith events in the local community over the years and during this period our members have partaken in many meetings with memberes of the local Anglican, Catholic, Jewish and Hindu community. We strive towards building bridges with all faith groups and our doors are open to everyone 7 days a week!