Do not feel sad over fears for what may happen

In the Torah, the following has been related:

“Most of what is feared to occur never happens!”

This means that most apprehensions and fears of impending difficulty fail to take shape in reality. Conjectures of the mind are far greater in number and in scope than the things that actually happen in life.
An Arab poet said:

“I said to my heart when it was attacked by a fit of anxiety, be happy, because most fears are false.”

This implies that if you hear of an impending calamity, or hear of oncoming disaster, don’t be overly alarmed, especially since the majority of predictions about impending harm are false.

And my affair I leave it to Allah. Verily, Allah is the All-Seer of [His] slaves. So Allah saved him from the evils that they plotted [against him].   (Qur’an 4O: 44-45)