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Brother Qiyam 26th July

MYF Ramadan Brother Qiyam

Annual Qiyam programme for the youth this Friday 26th July.


Beginning at Magreb the qiyam consists of

  • Magreb prayer and full iftar

  • Talk by brother Imtiaz Hussain

  • Discussions

  • Taraweeh Prayers

Come and be part of this night which will benifit all of you inshallah

Contemplate these Prophetic sayings

“If Allah loves a people, He tests them. Whoever is pleased, for him there is pleasure, and whoever is angry, upon him there is wrath.”
“The most harshly tested people are the Prophets, followed in succession by those who are best after them. A man is tested according to his religion. If his religion is strong with him, his test will be more intense. If his religion is weak with him, he will be tested according to the level of his religion. (Allah’s) slave will continually be tested until he is left to walk on the earth without a mistake (to have to account for).”

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Laughing moderately can act as a cure or as therapy for depression and sadness. It has a strong influence on keeping the soul light and the heart clear. Abu Darda’ (may Allah be pleased with him) said, “I make it a practice to laugh in order to give rest and comfort to my heart. And the noblest of people, Muhammad (bpuh), would laugh, sometimes until his molars became visible.”

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