The inborn disposition upon which we were created

When the wind blows violently and the thunder roars and darkness permeates the sky, man’s inherent need to turn to Allah for help awakes from its slumber.

Then comes a stormy wind and the waves come to them from all sides, and they think that they are encircled therein, they invoke Allah, making their Faith pure for Him Alone…   (Qur’an 10: 22)

Except that the Muslim invokes his Lord in times of ease and prosperity as well as in times of hardship and difficulty. Had he not been of them who glom Allah,

He would have indeed remained inside of its belly [the fish] till the Day of Resurrection.   (Qur’an 37: 143-144)

Most people ask Allah in times of need, and when their hopes are fulfilled, they Wm away their backs proudly. Do they think that Allah is to be deceived!

Verily, the hypocrites seek to deceive Allah, but it is He who deceives them.
 (Qur’an 4: 142)

Those who turn to Allah only during times of calamity are in that regard students of the deviant Fir’aun. It was said to him when it was too late:

Now [you believe] while you refused to believe before and you were one of the evil-doers.            (Qur’an 10: 91)

I heard on BBC radio that when Iraq occupied Kuwait, Margaret Thatcher, who was in Colorado at the time, quickly rushed to church and prostrated!

The only explanation that I can think of is that her inborn nature awoke, and she turned to her Creator in spite of her disbelief and misguidance. People have something inherent in them, which make them believe in Allah.

“Every baby is born on the Fitrah (the natural and inborn disposition to believe in Allah and accept Islam). Then, his parents make him into a Jew, a Christian or a Majousi (Magian).”