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MYF Eid Prayers: 1st Prayer 8.00am 2nd Prayer 10.30am

MYF has confirmed Eid is on Saturday the 4th of October.

Prayer times:

  • 1st Prayer 8.00am
  • 2nd Prayer 10.30am

Eid Party on Saturday 11th October 2014. Starting at 2 pm onward’s, family event (All welcome)

Try to fast as many days especially the day of Arafat. May Allah accept our deeds during these great days – Ameen.

Eid: Etiquette and Rulings

Praise be to Allaah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon all his family and companions.

“Eid” is an Arabic word referring to something habitual, that returns and is repeated. Eids or festivals are symbols to be found in every nation, including those that are based on revealed scriptures and those that are idolatrous, as well as others, because celebrating festivals is something that is an instinctive part of human nature. All people like to have special occasions to celebrate, where they can come together and express their joy and happiness. Read more…


Eid-ul-Adha is the celebration of sacrifice, and it is important for two reasons.

First, during Eid-ul-Adha we remember the spirit of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and how he was willing to sacrifice the person he loved the most, because it was Allah’s (SWT) command. Read more…

Volunteers Required to help at the MYF Open Day this Saturday 27th September


  • To distribute leaflets about the open day to the passing public & to invite them into the MYF for the open day iA. The majority of the volunteers will be leafleting on the streets close to the MYF & within sight of the MYF iA.
  • To welcome the visitors to the open day & to take them round the various stalls at the open day iA.
  • A sister is required who is good with children to play with young children & keep them amused (balloons, colouring in books etc) in a “Children’s Corner” area of the open day iA.
  • If you would like to volunteer, please come to the MYF on Saturday & make contact with the volunteers coordinator, who will direct you to your duties iA.
  • Please could everyone try to bring non-Muslim friends / family to the open day & please could everyone forward this message as widely as possible iA.

MYF Open day 27th September

The MYF will be having our quarterly open day again on Saturday the 27th of September 2014 in shaa Allah (12pm till 6-30pm).

The theme of the open day is “The Golden Age of Muslim Scientists”. An educational / scientific theme is chosen in September each year to coincide with the start of the new academic year for schools, colleges & universities.

As always there will be food stalls, various small exhibitions on the theme above (accompanied by a rolling audio-visual presentation), an Arabic Calligraphy demonstration, an Islamic Information stall, henna hand painting, children’s face painting as well as mosque tours inshAllah.

Volunteers will be greatly appreciated in the following areas in shaa Allah:

1. Creation of small exhibitions on the topic of “The Golden Age of Muslim Scientists”

– if you have any ideas on creating a small exhibition on the above theme then please let me know. The MYF can help with providing resources for you to turn your idea into an exhibition (laptop, paper, printer etc).

– if you prefer, you can do the research at home & e-mail the material to me which I can then print off & add to the exhibition inshAllah.

2. Volunteers to help set up for the open day on Friday the 26th of September 2014, 4pm onwards iA (We will meet at the MYF).

3. Volunteers to help out on the open day itself:

– Volunteers to greet people visiting the open day & take them round the open day exhibits.

– Volunteers to hand out flyers advertising the open day to people walking past the MYF to invite them into the MYF for the open day iA.

– Volunteers to generally help out on the day itself in shaa Allah.

Your value is determined by your faith and character

He was poor and wan and weak. He wore a torn garment with many patches on it. He was barefoot and hungry. Along with his having an obscure lineage, he possessed neither status nor wealth nor family. Without a roof to shelter him, he would sleep in the mosque and drink from public fountains. His pillow was his own arm and his mattress was the uneven, rough ground beneath him. But he always remembered his Lord and he was constantly reciting the verses of Allah’s Book. He would not be absent from the first row in prayer or from the front lines of battle. One day he met the Messenger of Allah (bpuh), who upon seeing him, called him by his name, “O’ Julaybeeb, will you not marry?” “And who would give me their daughter?” was his meek reply. He (may Allah be pleased with him) passed by two others who asked the same question, to which he gave a similar reply. The Messenger of Allah (bpuh) said to him, “O’ Jualaybeeb, go to so and so, the Ansari, and say to him, `The Messenger of Allah sends his greetings of peace to you and he requests you to marry me your daughter.’ This particular Ansari was from a noble and esteemed household. When Julaybeeb carried out the Prophet’s order, the Ansari replied, “And peace is upon the Messenger of Allah. O’ Julaybeeb, how can I marry you my daughter when you have neither wealth nor status?” His wife heard of the news, and she exclaimed in astonishment, “Julaybeeb! He who has neither wealth nor status!” But their believing daughter heard the words of Julaybeeb, words that to her, contained the message of the Messenger of Allah. She said to her parents, “Do you turn down the request of the Messenger of Allah? By Allah, no!” Forthwith, the blessed wedding took place. When their first night came, a caller was in the streets announcing a forthcoming battle. Julaybeeb responded without delay and set out for the battleground. With his own hands, he managed to kill seven disbelievers, and then he himself became martyred. He embraced death pleased with Allah and His Messenger, and pleased with the morals for which he sacrificed his own life. After the battle, the Messenger of Allah was asking about those who were martyred. The people began to inform him of those who died, but they forgot to mention Julaybeeb because of his obscurity. Nevertheless, the Messenger of Allah (bpuh) remembered him, and he said, “But I have lost Julaybeeb.” He (bpuh) then found Julaybeeb’s corpse, the face of which was covered in dust. He shook off the dust from his face and said, “You killed seven and then you were killed! You are from me and I am from you…” And the Messenger of Allah (bpuh) repeated the second part of that statement three times. This medal of distinction from the Messenger of Allah (bpuh) is by itself an ample reward and prize. Read more…


Laughing moderately can act as a cure or as therapy for depression and sadness. It has a strong influence on keeping the soul light and the heart clear. Abu Darda’ (may Allah be pleased with him) said, “I make it a practice to laugh in order to give rest and comfort to my heart. And the noblest of people, Muhammad (bpuh), would laugh, sometimes until his molars became visible.”

Laughing is an efficacious way to achieve comfort and light-heartedness, but keep in mind that, as in other things, you should not be immoderate. The Prophet (Blessings and Peace be upon him) said: Read more…

Isolation and its positive effects

If applied with a correct understanding, isolation can be most beneficial.
Ibn Taymiyah said:

“At times, it is necessary for the worshipper to be isolated from others in order to pray, remember Allah, recite the Qur’an, and evaluate himself and his deeds. Also, isolation allows one to supplicate, seek forgiveness, stay away from evil, and so on.” Read more…

How to deal with bitter criticism

Those who are ignorant have uttered curses at Allah, the Exalted, the Creator of ill that exists, so what treatment should we, who are full of faults, expect from people. You will always have to face criticism, which in its onslaught is like an interminable war: it shows no sign of ending. As long as you shine, give, produce, and have an effect upon others, then disapproval and condemnation will be your lot in life. Until you escape from people by finding a tunnel in the ground or a ladder leading to the sky, they will not desist from censuring you, from finding fault in your character. For that reason, as long as you are from the denizens of earth, expect to be hurt, to be insulted, and to be criticized. Read more…

Yesterday will never return

The order that you may not be sad over matters that you fail to get…
(Qur’an 57: 23)

Adam said to Moosa (Moses) may peace be upon them, “Do you blame me for that which Allah had decreed upon me forty years before He created me.” Read more…