The Muslim Youth Foundation on Thursday 18th February are happy to announce in conjunction with the Myriad Foundation’s – Manchester New Muslim Network, the commencement of Module 2 of the popular “Journey of Life – Establishing the Foundations” syllabus.

This module will build on what was covered during module 1 in 2015.

A quick recap of the subjects covered during Module 1:

  • Why do we believe in God (Allāh)?
  • Do we have a purpose in life and how could we ever find out?
  • What is the Qur’ān and how do we know it is what it says it is and it is preserved?
  • Who is the Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) and why is he an authority in Islām?
  • Who are the Companions (may Allāh be pleased with them)?
  • What is worship and how do we worship?
  • What is the Shahādah and how should we understand it?
  • An understanding of the Salāh?
  • An understanding of Zakāt?
  • An understanding of fasting and Ramadān?
  • An understanding of Hajj?
  • Why are we tested with trials and calamities?
  • Who is Shaytān and how does he try to deceive us?


In Module 2, we’ll be building on what we learned during Module 1 by covering the following topics in depth:

  • The Hadith of Jibrīl
  • What is the Sunnah?
  • What does the Belief in Allāh consist off?
  • Who are the Angels and what do they do?
  • Who are the Prophets and Messengers of Allāh?
  • What are the Divine books of Allāh sent to the Previous Prophets and do they still exist today?
  • What is the Last Day? (What happens to our soul from death – to the grave – to the resurrection – the accounting of our deeds – to the journey across the sirāt (bridge) – to the hell fire and paradise).
  • What is the Qadr (Divine Decree of Allāh) and how does this relate to our free will?

NOTE: It isn’t compulsory to have attended Module 1 in order to attend Module 2. The class is open to anyone looking to build on their knowledge of Islām and come closer to Allāh.