Ramadan brings happiness & benefits

Ramadan is just a few days away and in some time we all would get this holy month of Ramadan which is indeed being awaited by many Muslims across the globe.

Ramadan and Happiness

Ramadan comes in hot summer days for the past several months and thus it gets quite tough for many people because to hold thirst is not easier for many people. But those who want to stay in the practice of fasting just because they want to realize the blessings they have been given by Almighty Allah.

For example if we want our dream car or any dress which we really like or anything else which is out of our reach but we want that thing desperately, then we start saving money for that thing. In the process of saving money we sacrifice so many things because we want to get that greater happiness which we really desire and that happiness is really important for us than those small things which we have missed during saving money. Now just imagine that if you get that thing after patience then how blessed you will feel and you will actually feel the worth of that thing. Similarly, in Ramadan when Muslims fast then they realize the actual importance of so many things which Allah Almighty has given to all of us.

During fasting

During fasting, there are few things that are prohibited including eating, drinking, engaging in sexual activities, smoking, and any such thing which would become a cause of fast-breaking in the process of fasting. Fasting all through Ramadan entails abstaining from all food and drink from sunup to sundown, comprising water and chewing gum. Muslims are advised to eat a meal referred as seher before dawn.

What Quran says about fasting?
Allah says in Surah Al-Baqarah in following consecutive verses:

“O you who have believed, prescribed for you is the Fast, as it was prescribed for (the ones) who were before you, that possibly you would be pious” [2:183].

“For days few in number; however, should any one of you be sick or on a journey, then (he should fast) a number of other days (equal to the missed ones); and those who have the strength, (still, they do not opt for fasting,) on them there is a fidyah (compensation), that is, the feeding of a poor person. Then whoever does good voluntarily, that is better for him. However, fast is better for you, if you only knew” [2:184].

The above two verses are stating the importance of fasting that fasting is not only concerned with rewards or punishments but fasting makes a person pious and empathic.

How we are blessed in the Ramadan?

Ramadan is coming and we all are preparing for this month and thus we should be aware of that how we are blessed by having this holy month? We are blessed in so many ways, for example one of the greatest moments which we get daily in the month of Ramadan is the moment right after the Maghrib adhan We have the strongest connection with Allah in this moment and we should pray and speak our hearts out in this moment because prayers get accepted fast at this moment. Another happiness which we get at this moment is having a meal after the patience of a long day; thus, the happiness is indefinable in words that Muslims feel when they see the table full of meal. Moreover, the time of suhoor is another blessed moment because we break our sleep and wake up to eat and worship Allah. Hence in this moment also Allah is the closest to Muslim and the time of seher is the most beautiful time for even good mental health.

Every person can take advantages through this month as they wish. Therefore, we all need to take benefits as much as we could because we have ample of opportunities in the month of Ramadan.