New Muslim Group Thur 3rd August

New Muslim Group meeting Thursday 3rd August 7:00pm-9:00pm. Sheikh Imtiaz will give a reminder followed by a Q & A session. Spread the word and invite your family, friends and colleagues. Very beneficial for new muslims and people interested in learning more about Islam.

For those not familiar with the group and also for new reverts here’s what the group is all about:

For New Muslims to meet fellow New Muslims from the Manchester area.

To provide a meeting place where Brothers & Sisters who have been Muslim for some time can give support & advice to those who have recently become Muslim.

To provide a multi-dimensional support network for all Manchester New Muslims.

To provide information about Islam on any area that the New Muslim wants advice on.

To provide a series of talks about Islam by knowledgeable people.

To provide New Muslims from the Manchester area an opportunity to meet up with New Muslims from the whole of the UK.

The format of the MYF New Muslim Group will be informal & friendly (tea & biscuits will be provided!). All Reverts to Islam are welcome (Men & Women).