BCP Report August 2011

During the month of August under the project DAWE sponsored by the MYF from Manchester, began the work with children in the returnee village of Pobudje, Municipality of Bratunac and the village of Krizevici, Municipality of Zvornik.

  • Total of 102 school children attended the activities.
  • Total attendance according to the villages was as followed:
  • Krizevici 56, 18 girls and 38 boys
  • Pobudje 36, 19 girls and 17 boys

Activities in Pobudje were lead by Imam Mersed Majstorovic, and the activities in Krizevicima were lead by Ilijaz Miralemovic, local journalist.

During the month of August, after the activists were introduced, the goals and the purpose of the DAWE project in their villages, they were divided into the groups according to the age. Following topics were processed:

  • Topics about good manners-ahlak, honesty, obedience of parents,
  • Introduction of Arabic script, and beginning of learning of Holly Koran (for those who are more advanced),
  • Projections of educational videos were shown, history of Islam, and other cartoons about Imam Nasrudin.

The selection of talented children was made for some sports activities like football, basketball, volleyball. Thus the group of boys older than 12 years had a chance first time to appear as a team at Eid Mubarek in indoor soccer tournament organized by the Islamic Community and Zvornik BZKA Preporod Zvornik, where they achieved remarkable results.

 A group of about 40 children from village of Josanica near Zvornik, lead by Osman Imam Halilovic, during the month of August did not participate in the project DAWE, because of Ramadan activities, so that the group begins its activities at the beginning of September this year.

The Association Co-ordinator
Nerzudin Hajdarević