During the period of 4 months (May to August 2011) the work of the BCP with the children consisted of the following:

  1. On the activities there were 177 children present.
    1. Looking at the camps individually, the number of children were as follows: Spionica -10 (4 boys & 6 girls), Mihatovici -18 (8 boys & 10 girls), Karaula -21 (9 boys & 12 girls), Litve -26 (11 boys & 15 girls), Jezevac -19 (9 boys & 10 girls), Mrdici -10 (4 boys & 6 girls), Selsebil -58 (28 boys & 30 girls), Repuh -9 (3 boys & 6 girls), Cubric -6 (3 boys & 3 girls).
    2. In our lessons with the children we have covered the following themes:
  1.  i.      From good behaviour we organised a lecture & talked about the negative attributes which can be found in people, and which we need to keep away from, like doing bad deeds, being selfish & not helping others, being spendthrift, just looking after oneself & not helping the family. After that we talked about the positive attributes which we should all strive to have – these included the attributes of being Allah’s slaves, praying to Allah regularly, being modest, having the fear of Jahanam, being friendly & pious, not spending needlessly, keeping away from the big sins & repenting to Allah on a regular basis, keeping away from lying & bearing false witness, Implementing Allah’s Ayah’s & looking after the family.
  2.  ii.      From the stories with lessons we covered the following: Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) on the point of keeping strong family links, behaving well towards all of Allah’s creations. We then covered the story of every Sahaba (Companions of the Prophet Muhammad – saw) who were promised Jannah (10 in total). These included, Abu Bakr, Umar ibn Khattab, Osman ibn Affan, Ali ibn Abu Talib, Talha ibn Ubaidullah, Syed ibn Zyed, Abu Obaidah ibn Al Jerrah, Saad ibn Abu Wakkas, Abdurrahman ibn Auf & Zubair ibn Al Awaam (RA).
  3. iii.      The more advanced group with whom we work in our centre have regularly read the Holy Koran. With the remaining children we covered the correct pronunciation of Surah Al-Asr, Al-kausur, Al-Qariah, Al-Adijat, and Al-Zilzal & Al-Qadr.
  4. iv.      From the remaining educational / recreational project we covered the following themes: what are sins, what is forgiveness, how long does tawbah last for. Also, as usual, we covered nasheeds, various games & cartoons with meaningful messages.
    1. With those pupils who have successfully completed the Arabic letters, we have carried on the regular meetings with reading of the Holy Koran. So far they have completed 70 pages of reading in the Koran, MashAllah.
    2. We have also organised trips to the nature for the camps which did not go in April 2011.
    3. From the sports activities we covered football, kung-fu, table tennis & darts.
    4. Besides that we organised various group games in 1 tournament in the month of July 2011.
    5. During the school holidays the organisation organised additional activities under the title of, “Summer school 2011” in which the children had access to various educational, sports, recreational & other programmes on 3 days of the week.
    6. In the month of August we organised 1 Iftar for the children who fasted during Ramadhan.
    7. During Ramadhan we organised a 1 day trip to the capital, Sarajevo, for the children who had shown good interest for our activities & as a reward for their fasting in Ramadhan.
    8. During the activities, children were given sweets & food.
    9. We have included  pictures below which go with this report: