BCP Report January 2012


During January we had 9 lessons, that is 36 hours in two groups. At the second half of the month, two students from the younger group finished with the arabic lettes and began reciting the Holy Qur’an. However, they are still in the younger group because of the program. Now, we have 13 older students reciting Qur’an and these two from the second group, 15 in total.

Also, taking into consideration that January is the month of school break, additionally prolonged because of the loads of snow, we added one more term for reciting Qur’an and learning Arabic letter. This term is on Fridays after salatul-asr. As usually, a lot of children comes.

Besides the hours used for the following practice, repetition and production of the learnt, during January we worked on the following themes:


8th January: Idgam I- explanation of the rule, ¸bending of the “Nun sakin” and “tenvin” with “lam” and “ra” when they are situated after them.

14th January: big signs of the Judgment day, lines from Qur’an and Sunnet. Children are introduced with nine big signs of the Judgment day; we mentioned a few lines from Qur’an and a few Hadiths where the Day has been mentioned.

21st January: apparition of Dedždžal- and  the signs for the judgment day. Introducing children with the things that Resulullah said about the event

22nd January: Idgam II- the rule about the pronunciation of the “nun sakin” and “ tenvin” in a preceding position of “ja” “mim” “nun” “vav”

28th January: coming into Džemat



1ST January: We- kutubihi- believing into Allah’s books- Kitabs; reminding students of the knowledge on Hava and Adem and their coming to the Earth

-Explanation, through conversation and examples, of the word message

Introduction of Allah’s messages that He sent to the people through His Kitabs and Suhufis

7th January: ablution, what is ablution? How you do it? When is nice to do it?

8th January: we- rusulihi- believing in Allah’s Messengers. Repetition of the Suhufis and Kitabs. To whom they were delivered to? Repetition of the names of the Messengers we already mentioned. Who were the Messengers? How many of them have been mentioned in Qur’an and how many have been mentioned in Hadith.

14th January: features of the Messengers

21st January: sabur- patience, story about Ejub, (from the book for children “Qur’an Tales for Children”)

28th January: how you can have ablution? Demonstration and practice



The course of reciting Qur’an and learning Arabic letter took place 8 times in January. It was on Fridays and Sundays between salatul- magrib and salatul- isa’. During this month there are 14 people taking the course, five of which recite Qur’an and 9 learn Arabic letter. Also, after a longer period in which we were worked on Salat, everything connected to it, now there is a need to talk about Prophet’s life. We started with this on January, 20th.



REPORT FROM KRIŽEVIĆI (for January, 2012)

Earlier before, I wrote about the way we work with the groups and about the separation concerning the age. I won’t bother you with this anymore; I will just write what we did the previous month:

7th January: every member was invited to the gathering because of the gests we had. There were invited presidents of the Bosniaks’ organizations “Preporod” and “Prosvjetitelj”. We had a workshop with the members on the activism and its importance. There were 16 members of different age, 5 of which were under age of 12, 9 were between 12 and 15 and 3 were older than 15. The gathering lasted for 3 hours.

12th January: members, group that goes to primary school (up to 15), was there. There were 15 children plus 3 children who came to their relatives to the village, so we allowed them to participate. We were repeating the things that we had done the previous year. From the total number of the children, there were 8 children aged up to 12 and 9 children aged from 12 to 15. Besides the repetition of the lessons they also played football due to the extremely nice weather for the period of the year. The gathering lasted for 4 hours.

14th January: there were children aged up to 12, 8 of them were at the course that day. They were practicing basics of the football. The gathering lasted for 2 hours.

18th January: from 12h to 14h- for children up to 12 (8 children), from 14h for children between 12 and 15(11 children). The youngest ones were gathered at the mosque for the salatul- fard, after the prayer we were talking about Ejub and how patient he was. Also, we were talking about the Bosnian Vice – Roy Stjepan II Kotromanić and about his patient tactics while ensuring Bosnian borders.  The groups listened to the story separately just like playing football on the snow blanket. The gathering lasted 4 hours.

19th January: from thenoon. There were 8 children aged between 12 and 15 and 7 children aged up to 12. We were talking about Musa and the kindness of the Egyptian queen. Also we were talking about one of the Bosnian queens, Katarina Kotromanić Kosača. Besides the history the children played social games like monopoly, chess and ingenious, for the developing their intelligence. The gathering lasted for 3 hours.

26th January: due to the huge snow and bad weather there were 11 boys, 4 up to 12 and 7 between 12 and 15. We were talking about Musa and about Bosnian Jews (Sephardim). Besides the history children were playing games for the improving intelligence, chess, ingenious and monopoly. The gathering lasted for 3 hours.

There were 20 hours of improving children’s minds, bodies and spirits during January. We were doing stories about Allah’s messengers, and their lives as same as the stories about historical people from the medieval Bosnian kingdom. Furthermore, children repeated what they had done in the previous month; also we had a workshop with the presidents of the organizations mentioned above.


REPORT FROM POBUĐE (for January, 2012)

There were 30 children taking the course during January, ranging between preschool ages to the age of 15.  There is only one group. We gather on Saturdays and Sundays, 8 hours a week. 5 children recite Qur’an and 3 children learn Sufara. One third of the time is for the new things from Fiqh, Akida, Ahlak and the history of Islam. The rest of the time is for the repetition, hifz and learning Arabic letter for the youngest.

During January there were 16 hours of lessons, taking place from12 to 14 each weekend. Children were doing the following themes:

1st January: no course due to the holyday

7th January: Isa

8th January: “Miracle of Patience” (from the book for children “Qur’an Tales for Children”)

14th January: “Queen’s Throne” (from the book for children “Qur’an Tales for Children”) and the discussion on the Bosnian queen Katarina Kotromanić Kosača

15th January: Kulin, the Vice- Roy and his agenda

21st January: Ibrahim, and the story “Building of the Kaba”

22nd January: presentation of the organization “Prosvjetitelj”

28th January: Sulejman

29th January: nashids