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Do not be chaotic in your life

One day I gathered twelve different commentaries of the Qur’an: At-Tabari, Ibn Katheer, Al-Baghawi, AZ-Zamakhshari, Al-Qurtubi, AZ-Zilaal, As-Shinquiti, Ar-Raazi, Fath ul-Qadeer, Al-Khaazin, Abu Mas’ood, and Al-Qaasimi (some in this list are the names of the authors while others are the names of the actual books). I had intended to read every day the commentary of one verse of the Qur’an from each of these books. I planned to read the explanation of the daily verse from the first book, then the second, and so on, until I had completed them all. I tried this for a while but I quickly felt bored and exhausted. It is true that I was enthusiastic, but I had been too hasty in planning and in choosing a proper method of study.

To the student of the Islamic sciences I give this advice: do not overburden yourself with a great number of books. A better way is to plan and choose carefully what you read. It is of utmost importance to be consistent, even if you do only a little. The most favorite deed of the Prophet (bpuh) was the one that was practiced consistently, even if the deed was a small one.

A good life…..

A Western thinker said:

“It is most possible for you, while you are behind steel bars, to look out upon the horizon and to smell roses. It is also extremely plausible for you to be in a castle replete with opulence and comfort, and yet be angry and discontented with your family and wealth.”

Therefore happiness is not determined by time or by place, but instead by faith in Allah and obedience to Him, matters that are rooted in a person’s heart. The heart has a far-reaching significance in that it is the place that Allah looks at and scrutinizes. If faith settles itself in the heart, happiness and tranquility will pervade both the heart and the soul. Read more

If one has inner beauty, he will discern beauty in the universe

To be truly happy, one should enjoy the beauty and splendor of life, an enjoyment that is limited only by the boundaries set forth by Islam. Allah has created for us beautiful gardens because He is Beautiful and He loves beauty, and in order for us to study His signs that are present in His wonderful creation.

He it is who created for you all that is on the earth.  (Qur’an 2: 29) Read more

MYF 5 Aside Youth Football League – Sign Up Today!

MYF Football LeagueMYF is pleased to announce a new exciting 5 Aside Youth Football League commencing on the 4th of May 2014. Due to the huge success of our sunday football session’s we decided it was time to kick-off our own football league and test the skills of our gifted young players!

The league will run for 7 weeks with fully qualified FA Refs to help assist and ensure that each match is professional and fare. There is a trophy act stake here and the honor of achieving success in a competitive environment.

Please be aware that we have limited spaces so hurry up and get your boot in to prepare for an action packed league with lots of fun and entertaining football.

£25 Per Team (Weekly)

Location: Ardwick, Pitz, Power League, Manchester, 20 Union Street. M12 4JD.


Team Registration

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For more info. call the office on 0161 832 5352


Isolation and its positive effects

If applied with a correct understanding, isolation can be most beneficial.
Ibn Taymiyah said:

“At times, it is necessary for the worshipper to be isolated from others in order to pray, remember Allah, recite the Qur’an, and evaluate himself and his deeds. Also, isolation allows one to supplicate, seek forgiveness, stay away from evil, and so on.”

Ibn al-Jawzi dedicated three chapters of his well-known book

Savd al-Khatir to this topic. He said: Read more