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Some of the positive effects of experiencing hardship

Hardship makes one turn humbly toward one’s Lord. Someone once said, “How Perfect is Allah, Who has elicited supplication through hardship.” It has been related that Allah tested one of His slaves in a matter and then said to the Angels that it was, “In order to hear his voice,” meaning his supplications and invocations. Read more

Do not grieve – There is another life to come

The day will come when Allah will gather together the first of the creation and the last of it. The knowledge of this occurrence alone should reassure you of Allah’s justice. So whoever’s money is usurped here shall find it there; whoever is oppressed here shall find justice carried out there; and whoever oppresses here shall find his punishment there.

Immanuel Kant, the German philosopher, said, Read more

Everyone is searching for happiness, but…

Few are those who are guided to the path that truly leads to happiness. Regarding that and other paths, here are three points for you to reflect upon:

1. Whoever does not make the pleasure of Allah to be his main concern in life will end up losing in the end:

We shall gradually seize them with punishment in ways they perceive not)

2. In order to achieve happiness, people attempt to follow many complicated and tricky paths. Little do they know that an easier path is ready for them in the religion of Islam – a path that will bring them the best of this life and the Hereafter?

… But if they had done what they were told, it would have been better .for them, and would have strengthened their [Faith].   (Qur ‘an 4: 66)

3. There are too many people in this world who think they are doing well, but who, in reality, are losing out on this life and the Hereafter, simply because they turn their backs to the true Religion.

And the Word of your Lord has been fulfilled in truth and in justice.   (Qur’an 6: 115)

Things that bring about happiness

1. Good deeds:

Whoever works righteousness, whether male or female, while he [or she] is a true? 
Believer [of Islamic Monotheism] verily, to him we will give a good life [in this world with respect, contentment and lawful provision]…  (Qur’an 16: 97) Read more

Some other effects of depression

I recently read the translation of Dr. Edward Bodowlski’s book, Stop Worrying and Seek Betterment. Here are some of the chapter titles from his book:

– What Anxiety does to the Heart?

– High Blood Pressure Feeds off of Anxiety

Anxiety may be the Cause of some Forms of Rheumatism

As a Favor to your insides, Seek to Decrease the Level of your Anxiety

How Anxiety can be considered a Cause of the Common Cold Anxiety and the Thyroid Gland

The Victim of Diabetes and Anxiety

Dr. Carl Maninger, a specialist in psychology, wrote a book called Man against Himself: In it, he says:

“Dr. Maninger will not give you the principles of how to avoid anxiety, but instead he will give you an astonishing report on how we destroy our own body and minds through anxiety and nervousness, malice and rancor, fear, and feelings of revenge.”

And those who pardon men; verily, Allah loves the good-doer.}  (Qur ‘an 3: 134)

Among the more salient lessons that we should learn from this verse is that we should have a sound heart, peace of mind, calm nerves, and a feeling of happiness.

The French philosopher Montaigne once said:

“I wish to help you in dealing with your problems with my hands, but not with my liver and lungs.”

Your life is replete with priceless moments

Ali at-Tantawi related two poignant experiences in his journals. The first was when he almost drowned on the shores of Beirut. He was drowning and time was running out for him when he was finally rescued and carried unconscious to land. In the brief moments of struggle before losing consciousness he recalls his utter submission to his Lord and his wish of returning to life, even if it was for an hour, to renew his faith, to do good deeds, and to try to reach the pinnacle of belief. Read more

The middle course

Thus we have made you [true believers], a just [and the best] nation. (Qur’an 2: 143)

Happiness is found between two extremes: excess and negligence. The middle course is the divinely prescribed way that saves us from the clear falsehood of two extremes – for instance, the extremes of Judaism and Christianity. Jews had with them knowledge, but they discarded action; Christians worshipped excessively, but they abandoned the divine knowledge that was revealed to them. Islam came with both knowledge and action; it cared for the body and for the soul; and it recognized both revelation and the mind, with each given its rightful place. Read more

Allah, who is full of Majesty and Honor…’

In an authentic hadith, the Prophet (Blessings and Peace be upon him) advised us to repeat this phrase often:

“O’ (Allah) who is full of Majesty and Honor.”

He (bpuh) also advised us to say:

“O’ Ever Living, O’ One Who sustains and protects all that exists.” Read more