MYF-NMG Activities

July 2012

An Open Day was held at the MYF on Saturday the 14th of July 2012 to showcase Islam to the non-Mulsim general public. Leaflets were handed out on the streets next to the MYF & people were invited to come to the open day. At the open day itself there were many stalls including free food stalls, costumes stall, Islamic information stall, face painting stalls for children. A henna artist was present doing hand painting, and a calligraphy artist was also present. There was an exhibition about general Islam, women in Islam, famous Muslim sports personalities & an audio-visual presentation about Islam on a TV. In addition there were tours of the MYF Mosque & questions were answered on any aspect of Islam.

Alhamdulillah it was an excellent event with many non-Muslim visitors, some of whom stayed for several hours at the MYF asking questions about the Islamic faith & Muslims.

Jazak Allah khair to all the volunteers who helped out on the day – the event would not have been possible without their magnificent help.

The photos from the event can be seen at the following link:

April 2012

The “Leeds New Muslims Group”  invited the MYF NMG to  meet them in Leeds on Saturday the 21st of April 2012. As part of the programme there was a talk entitled, “Understanding Ihsan” (by Imam Muhammad Tahir of Leeds Grand Mosque) after which we had a chance to meet the members of the Leeds NMG. After Maghrib Salat at Leeds Grand Mosque the MYF NMG were treated to a “Full English” meal –  The Full English meal was true to it’s name  -(Eggs, toast, beans, hash browns, sausages,Turkey ham & tea – all Halal of course !)

The pictures from the visit are on the MYF NMG face book page:

March 2012

The MYF held an open day for the general public on Saturday the 3rd of March. The open day was the MYF’s contribution to International Women’s Day & the theme for the day was “Women in Islam”. The activities on the day included an exhibition about Muslim Women, Henna hand painting for women, Face painting for children, a “costume corner”, TV presentations, Mosque tours & food ! A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped out tirelessly throughout the day & the NMG members who helped plan the day & set up the displays. Jazak Allah Khair to all. The photographs from the day can be found on the MYF NMG face book page:

February 2012

The NMG organised a  “Museum & Mosque” crawl in February – 4 brothers & 6 sisters took part. We started off at 10-30 am at the Museum of Science & Industry, prayed dhur at the MYF, then went to the Manchester Art Gallery, then the Manchester Museum at the University of Manchester. We prayed Asr at the McDougall building in the University of Manchester & then went to the Whitworth Art Gallery. We prayed Maghrib at Victora Park Mosque & then went to “Al Wallis” restaurant in Levenshulme for a meal. Alhamdulillah it was an excellent day out for the NMG members. The photographs from the day can be found on the MYF NMG face book page:

December 2011

A New Muslims Group meal was held at Nawaab restaurant on Wednesday the 14th of December 2011. MashAllah an English Sister, Emma, took her Shahada on this occassion.

November 2011

An Eid-ul-Adha meal for the New Muslims Group was held at Sanam restaurant in Longsight. Alhamdulillah it was an excellent evening enjoyed by all.

September 2011

An Eid-ul-Fitr  meal for the New Muslims Group was held at Sanams restaurant in Longsight.

August 2011

Every Thursday in Ramadhan, the New Muslim Group members gave food at Iftar time to the homeless people gathered in Piccadilly Gardens in City Centre Manchester. The photographs from the day can be found on the MYF NMG face book page:

July 2011

Members of the New Muslim Group went on an excursion to Liverpool. A visit was made to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool followed by lunch by the seaside. The day ended with a ferry ride on the River Mersey. The photographs from the day can be found on the MYF NMG face book page:

July 2011

The New Muslims Group held an Open Day at the MYF. The Open Day coincided with the “Manchester International Festival”. Muslims & Non-Muslims were invited to attend the MYF where exhibits about Islam were displayed. Alhamdulillah the day was a great success. The photographs from the day can be found on the MYF NMG face book page:

May 2011

Alhamdulillah the “New Muslims Group” (NMG) was formed at the MYF.