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If one has inner beauty, he will discern beauty in the universe

To be truly happy, one should enjoy the beauty and splendor of life, an enjoyment that is limited only by the boundaries set forth by Islam. Allah has created for us beautiful gardens because He is Beautiful and He loves beauty, and in order for us to study His signs that are present in His wonderful creation.

He it is who created for you all that is on the earth.  (Qur’an 2: 29) Read more…

You Are Created Unique

Dr. James Gordon Gilkee said:

“The dilemma of wanting your own identity is as ancient as the beginning of history, and it is common to all human life. Similar is the problem of not wanting to be your own self, which is the source of much personal imbalance and disturbance.”

Someone else said:

“You are a unique entity among creation: nothing is exactly similar to you, nor are you exactly similar to anything, because the Creator has brought diversity to the creation.”

Certainly, your efforts and deeds are diverse [different in aims and purposes].
(Qur ‘an 92: 4)

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Isolation and its positive effects

If applied with a correct understanding, isolation can be most beneficial.
Ibn Taymiyah said:

“At times, it is necessary for the worshipper to be isolated from others in order to pray, remember Allah, recite the Qur’an, and evaluate himself and his deeds. Also, isolation allows one to supplicate, seek forgiveness, stay away from evil, and so on.”

Ibn al-Jawzi dedicated three chapters of his well-known book

Savd al-Khatir to this topic. He said: Read more…