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Quran Class Every Tuesday

MYF Tafseer , Seerah and Fiqh Class


The MYF Tafseer , Seerah and Fiqh class held by Sheikh Faheem will be after Esha prayers.

This is a very popular course that is well established and very beneficial for those who have attended in the past!

It will continue as a weekly course.

The course is open for anyone who wishes to attend. This is a blessed opportunity to increase your knowledge and understanding of the Quran

Everybody is Welcome including non-Muslims.

The Myf Team

Tafseer of Quran Class 6th Nov 2018

Tafseer of The Holy Quran Class Tuesday 6th Nov 2018.

Hosted by our respected Sheikh Abu Sundos!

The class is of benefit to beginners as well as those who have more knowledge.

It is a very insightful class that is open to everybody to attend and is highly recommend!!

*New Tafseer of Quran Class update

We were delighted with the turn out for the new Tafseer of Quran class lastnight with Sheikh Abu Sundus. It is a successful course that has be reintroduced due to popular demand!

Many people turned up and there’s still places available, so why not improve your understanding of the Holy Quran. It’s beneficial for everybody no matter what level of understanding you currently have.

Highly recommended for reverts and people who wish to acquire more knowledge that will enlighten there ability to comprehend the blessed words of the Holy Quran.

The course is every Tuesday from 7:00pm till 9:00pm.

Please feel free to join us!

Thank you
The MYF Team