Who are the righteous ones?

Waiting eagerly for the call to prayer, arriving at the mosque before the commencement of prayer, bearing no personal grudges against others, leaving alone other people’s private affairs, being content with the basic necessities of life, studying the Qur’an and the Sunnah, feeling concern for the pains of other Muslims, and being charitable with one’s wealth – these are all qualities of a righteous person.

A middle path with regards to wealth is highly recommended. Therefore you should seek neither the level of affluence that can entice you towards evil (unless, of course, you use your wealth wisely and spend it generously in the way of Allah), nor the level of poverty that causes you to forget about the Hereafter. The best situation for many believers is to have just enough wealth to fulfill all of their needs in a lawful manner — not much more and not any less.

Basic needs may differ slightly from person to person, but in general it is a house to live in, a wife to seek comfort with, a suitable vehicle to move about in, and an amount of money that is enough to buy necessary provisions.