Be free from worry and fear

More than thirty chapters of the book Al-Faraju B `ada ash-Shiddah deal with the topic of ease and relief after difficulty. The book stresses the point that the more severely we become engrossed in hardship, the closer we are to ease and relief. The book has more than two hundred stories, all of which revolve around this theme. Whatever the hardship may be, it is only a matter of days before better times arrive. At-Tanookhi said,

“Be calm, for many have come before you who have trodden upon this path.”

And certainly, we shall test you with something of far hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits… (Qur ‘an 2: 155)

And we indeed tested those who were before them. (Qur ‘an 29: 3)

It is truly just that in this period of examination – which continues until we die___we are expected to worship Allah in bad times just as we are expected to do so in good times. Allah changes our situations similar to the changing of night and day. Why then the anger, why the disobedience, and why the complaining?

And if we had ordered them [saying], `Kill yourselves [i.e. the innocent ones kill the guilty ones] or leave your homes, ‘ very few of them would have done it… (Qur’an 4: 66)