New Muslim Group Thursday 6th March 2014, live video link with Lybia

MarshAllah, our live video link with Lybia was a  huge success and all who attended found it very interesting and positive!

Here are some words from our project manager on the night:

“The MYF New Muslims Group was involved in a live “Skype” link with a dawaa group in Libya called “Zliten Organisation” which was engaged in a Dawaa conference in “Zliten Hospital” in the Libyan City of Zliten. The Dawaa conference was host to about 60 guests, mostly non-Muslims & we at the MYF were providing moral support to the conference. Brother Abu Sundus was the host from the MYF side & we joined the conference for about one & a half hours from 7pm till 8-30 pm.

We heard speeches from some of the the conference organisers &  attendees, & contributed ourselves with 3 sisters giving short accounts of how they came to Islam. Alhamdulillah the link was a great success & 1 man from the conference in Libya took his shahada, accepted Islam  & became Muslim, Alhamdulillah. ”

Here our some pics from the night.

The speaker for the New Muslim Group this week on Thursday (13th March 2014) will be Dr Abdul Aziz.