New Muslim Support Group Tonight at The MYF 7.30pm-9.30pm

The New Muslims Project was established in response to concerns of insufficient services and support being available to those individuals around the UK who had converted to Islam or were interested in finding out more about the faith. The MYF group has grown to provide a range of services which aims to meet the social and educational needs of new Muslims in and around Manchester.

Educational and spiritual programmes are among the Services provided that is much in demand in a supportive, relaxed atmosphere.

The group discusses the real experiences that converts face in dealing with the Muslim community after converting as well as issues with family, relationship, education, and many other topics.

We have guest speakers who touch on topics new Muslims can relate to, we have a regular Q & A session.

If you are a new Muslim, a Muslim coming back to your deen or interested in Islam, this group is a helping hand in the right direction!

The MYF New Muslims Group will be having a live “Skype link” with a dawaa group in Libya In Shaa Allah. Brother Abu Sundus will be the guest speaker.

MYF every thursday 7.30pm-9.30pm