MYF Youth Camp Update Part 1

The MYF Youth Camp was a roaring success and everyone involved agreed it was a fun packed weekend that involved a lot of activities and team building with a true spirit of brotherhood. The event aimed to bring brothers together from all walks of life to not just appreciate and help each other but to support one another.

Everybody played a positive part in the weekend to ensure it was not just fun and safe but insightful with islamic reminders and team support. The ethos behind the event was to inspire the younger generation to be confident and strong with the task’s that were presented to them. Yes there was a fun element with a lot of banter but the team leader who organized the event wanted to invoke a sense of camaraderie among the young that took part in the camp.

We would like to thank the volunteers who took part in the camp and made it happen, we are already organizing our next summer adventure so stay tuned for more news and check out the gallery below.