Ramadan Project Two

We are raising funds for our saturday family Iftaar’s x5 during the blessed month of Ramadan. Our aim is to feed up to 450 brothers and sisters every saturday night during Ramadan. This will include – Dates, milk, juice and chicken & rice.

Our Target for this project is £1400 for every saturday

Brothers & Sisters this is an opportunity to gain great reward in contributing towards this noble project. You can pay in full or contribute towards our target figure for this particular project. Please contact the office for further details.

True believer, is The Generous One

One of the door that Allah has opened to His slaves to gain big rewards in the month Ramadan is through sadaqa (giving charity/alms). Islam always advise it’s followers to give plenty of charities, especially during the month Ramadan. And that supposes to be the manner of believers; generous. Allah and His messenger ordered, even gave example to the followers of Islam to be a generous and open-handed person. Know that generosity is one of the attribute of Allah the Exalted, as revealed in hadith below:

إن الله تعالى جواد يحب الجود ويحب معالي الأخلاق ويكره سفسافها

“Indeed, Allah the Exalted is the Giver, He love generosity and noble manners, He detest bad manners.” (Narrated by Al Baihaqi, classed sahih by Al Albani in ‘Shahihul Jami’, 1744)

In this hadith, we can infer that stinginess and tight-fisted are bad manners and are not the characteristic of manner of a true believer. Just as begging for alms is not the characteristic of a believer. But a believer is the open handed person, a lavish giver.

The messenger of Allah -peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said,

اليد العليا خير من اليد السفلى واليد العليا هي المنفقة واليد السفلى هي السائلة

“Upper hand is better than the lower hand. The upper hand is the hand of a giver, and the lower hand is the hand of a beggar.” (Narrated by Bukhari in hadith no. 1429, Muslim in hadith no. 1033)

Besides that, if a generous character is supported by a deep understanding in religious knowledge, thus the owner has joined between two characters; knowledgeable, and generous, that will be the highest position ever possessed by the slave of Allah. The messenger of Allah -peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said:

إنَّما الدنيا لأربعة نفر: عبد رزقه الله مالاً وعلماً فهو يتقي فيه ربه ويصل فيه رحمه، ويعلم لله فيه حقاً فهذا بأفضل المنازل

“The world is only for four persons: A slave whom Allah provides with wealth and knowledge, so he has Taqwa of his Lord with it, nurtures the ties of kinship with it, and he knows that Allah has a right in it. So this is the most virtuous rank.” (Narrated by Tirmidhi, no.2325, he said: “Hasan sahih”)