Ramadan Activities at the MYF

Asalamu’ Alaikum Brothers & Sisters,

Ramadan is here Alhamdulilah! I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Ramadan. The MYF has many activities throughout the whole month. Let’s make this Ramadan the best yet!Ramadan 2014

Please read through the activities we have to offer and join us every in shaa Allah for our full Iftaar’s and Taraweeh Prayers.

Daily Programme

  •  Iftaar Refreshments for all of Ramadhan
  • Isha (then Taraweeh) will take place at the following times: (Weeks begin Monday)
  • 1st week 11:00pm
  • 2nd week 11:00pm
  • 3rd week 10:50pm
  • 4th week 10:45pm
  • Tajweed lesson aftar asr

Saturday Programme

  • Short pre-Maghrib talks in English by local speakers (One hour before maghrib)
  • Islamic Quiz (with prizes for winners)
  • Iftar (full) meal Youth Programme
  • Girls Qiyam ul Layl (11-16year olds): Thursday 10th July 2014
  • Boys Qiyam ul Layl (11-16year olds): Friday 11th July 2014

Last 10 Days Programme

  • Itikhaf
  • Tahajjud
  •  Suhoor
  • 27th Night Programme

Fitrana (Zakat ul Fitr) to be paid before Eid Salat (prayer), it is: £4.00 (per family member)

Eid Prayer at 8:00am and 10:30am