An indication of one’s prosperity is the ability to gain people’s love, respect and sympathy. Prophet Ibraheern (Abraham) said:

And grant me an honorable mention in later generations. (Qur ‘an 26: 84)

Allah said of Moosa (Moses):

And I endued you with love from me… (Qur’an 20: 39)

The following two ahaadeeth (hadiths) are both authentic: “You are Allah’s witnesses on this earth.”

“Jibraeel calls to the inhabitants of the heavens: Indeed, Allah loves so and so, so loves him. The inhabitants of heaven then love him and an acceptance of him permeates the earth.”

A pleasant face, kind words, and good manners are the most powerful ways to ingratiate you into the hearts of people. And yet even more powerful is gentleness. That is why the Prophet said:

“Anything that has gentleness in it is beautified by it, and anything that is bereft of it is stained.”

He (bpuh) also said:

“Whoever is bereft of gentleness has been precluded from a great deal of good.” A wise man said:

“Gentleness extricates a snake from its hole.”
And they say in the west:

“Gather the honey, but don’t break the hive.”
The Prophet (bpuh) said in an authentic hadith:

“The believer is like a bee that eats what is wholesome and produces what is wholesome. And when it lands on a (small) branch, it doesn’t break it.”