Duas for the Less Fortunate

1. How blessed are we to have hot food all the time? Today at lunchtime I thought to myself we are never short of food for us or our children. We are so lucky. We should be thankful to Allah for the small things we take for granted. Look at people all over the world who don’t have these luxuries which we take for granted every single day. May Allah give us humility to never forget how lucky we truly are. Ameen

2. Tonight let’s make a dua for those people less fortunate than us. We have so much to be thankful to Allah for and yet we still complain and are generally ungrateful. Let’s spare a thought for those people who don’t have warm houses, hot food, loving families. May Allah show us humility and make us realise how blessed we really are. Ameen.

3. Just spare a thought for millions of people in Africa who are facing the worst drought ever. They have nothing to eat or drink for weeks or even months. The temperature over there is much higher than where we are. We should take this opportunity and thank Allah for the bounties He has given us and thank Him for the mercy and the food that we have at our tables at the end of the day. Ameen

4. Today I make a Dua, a prayer, for all the innocent people who are losing their lives in Pakistan & elsewhere in the world. Small children are being orphaned, innocent women and men are killed daily. I pray Allah gives them all the strength and patience to deal with such tough times. HOTD remembers you all. May Allah ease their pain. Ameen

5. Today let’s make a dua for all those innocent Muslims who are losing their lives. Whether in Libya, Iraq or Egypt, may Allah grant them Jannah. Whether in Tunisia, Afghanistan or Pakistan, may Allah grant them Jannah. Let’s take a moment and make this Dua for them all. Ameen

6. I pray Allah keeps all the innocent people in Egypt safe from harm and danger. May Allah ease their pain and suffering and grant them patience as patience is so very important in today’ time. Ameen