MYF Open Day 17th October 2015

The MYF open day on Saturday 17th October 2015 was a very successful day for us as an organisation. We opened our doors to the general public, welcomed people from all backgrounds to come and see our exhibitions, and learn about Islam.

We started our open day at 12 pm that day, we had various stalls set up for our visitors, some of these stalls were; Henna, costumes, calligraphy, face painting for children, dawaa, and food stalls.

Our Imaam, Imtiaz Hussain lead numerous mosque tours on that day for people who wanted to see the mosque and what goes on inside our centre. There was also a special appearance and a talk by Imaam Asad Zaman which was a great add to our open day. There was a general exhibition on Islam this time, with the focus being on “science in Islam” to highlight the importance of science and scientific achievements in Islam.

Throughout the open day from 12 till 6 pm, we roughly had around 200 (possibly more) visitors come through our door and enjoy a fun day with us. This was made possible through the hard work of our volunteers.

There was about 20-30 volunteers who took part in the MYF open day this time. Some who had to stay at the MYF on Friday night to set up and get everything ready for the next day. Some who had to be here early on the day to help with various tasks, and those who stayed behind afterwards to clean up.

The MYF would like to thank each and every one who contributed to our open day, thanks to our visitors for allowing us to share this event with them. A big thanks to all our volunteers for their amazing work. The open day would not have been possible without their great support.

The photographs from the open day are presented below.

Many thanks

Ali Ahmed
Office manager
Muslim Youth Foundation (MYF)