MYF New Muslims Group First & Third Thursday of every month 7-9 pm

The Muslim Youth Foundation are happy to announce that on Thursday 18th February, in conjunction with the Myriad Foundation’s – Manchester New Muslim Network, we will be starting Module 2 of the popular Journey of Life – Establishing the Foundations syllabus.

This module will build on what was covered during module 1 in 2015. A quick recap of the subjects covered during Module 1:

  • Why do we believe in God?
  • Do we have a purpose in life and how could we ever find out? – What is the
  • Qur’an and how do we know it is what it says it is and it is preserved?
  • Who is the Prophet Muhammad, and why is he an authority in Islam?
  • Who are the Companions?
  • What is worship and how do we worship?
  • What is the Shahadah and how should we understand it?
  • What is the Salaah?
  • What is Zakaat?
  • What is fasting and Ramadan?
  • What is Hajj?
  • Why are we tested with trials and calamities?
  • Who is Shaytaan and how does he try to deceive us?

In Module 2, we’ll be building on what we learned during Module 1 by covering the following topics in depth: –

  • The Hadith of Jibreel
  • What is the Sunnah?
  • What does the Belief in Allah consist off?
  • Who are the Angels and what do they do?
  • Who are the Prophets and Messengers of Allah?
  • What are the Divine books of Allah sent to the Previous Prophets and do they still exist today?
  • What is the Last Day?
  • What happens to our soul from death to the grave to the resurrection?
    the accounting of our deeds
    to the journey across the sirat (bridge)
    to the hell fire and paradise
  • What is the Qadr (Divine Decree of Allah) and how does this relate to our free will?

NOTE: It isn’t compulsory to have attended Module 1 in order to attend Module 2. The class is open to anyone looking to build on there knowledge of Islam and come closer to Allah.
Please make sure you attend, and invite other revert brothers and sisters.