*Volunteers Needed* Date: 04/11/2016


***Volunteers Needed***
Date: 04/11/2016

We will need more than 15 volunteers to prepare 1,000 roses on 04/11 at Muslim Youth foundation, Manchester at 15.30pm. we will be tagging cards on the roses,each card will have a beautiful message from prophet Muhammad pbuh insha’Allah.

This event is first of its kind taking place in Manchester city centre on the Saturday 5th November 2016

We will need more than 15 volunteers to help us with distributing 1000roses on 05/11 in Manchester city
centre, market st, Manchester at 10.30am

It will be similar event like what we did in London

For volunteering,please contact Wamyuk:

Please forward this message to your contacts. Jzk
Thank you…