Try A Scarf project organised by ‘WAMY’

Asalaamualikum All praise is due to Allah (SWT) alone and peace & blessings upon the final Messenger Muhammad (PBUH). On behalf of the MYF and WAMY – I would like thank all the volunteers who sacrificed time out on their weekend to help out with Try A Scarf project organised by WAMY. Although raining throughout most part of the day, we found shelter near Boots.

We connected with many, many people who really enjoyed the experience of wearing a scarf. Many gift bags, flowers and chocolates were distributed to passers-by who were expressed gratitude and were happy to participate (as per pictures). We ask Allah to accept it from all of us and to make it a means of opening the heart and mind to the Truth and Beauty of Islam. WAMY are are organising several more projects very soon so if you want to participate or fund these projects then please get in touch.

For those who missed the opportunity, good news!!! The MYF has an Open Day next Saturday between 12-6pm. We are looking for volunteers to help on day including distributing invitation leaflets and welcoming the guests. If you can please, please contact me.

Thank you
The Myf Team