About Us

The Muslim Youth foundation has prayer facilities for both brothers and sisters with approximately 1000 people attending Jumah here from many different ethnic backgrounds, Arab, Pakistani, Bengali, White, Black British, African, Malaysian etc. The people who attend the MYF include students, professionals and others working in the city centre.

The Muslim Youth Foundation was one of the partners of the of the Foundation of Science Technology and Civilisation in establishing the 1001 Inventions: Muslim Contributions to Our World exhibition with an accompanying book, available from 1001inventions.com.

Now the MYF has various projects and services including voluntary counselling service, Educational Programme, Bosnian Children Project, Khateeb Programme and work with Deaf Muslims.

Some of our Aims include:

  • To encourage a British Muslim identity amongst Muslims in the UK
  • To have peaceful dialogue with people of other faiths
  • To be non partisan encouraging unity amongst Muslims
  • To address misconceptions that the wider society may have about Islam
  • To be non political
  • To develop Muslim youth to be active participants in society

Building Bridges With The Community…