BCP Report February 2011

Our work with children during this month was based on following:

Approximately 160 children participated in our activities with smaller decrease in camps Spinoca and Jezinac.

During the lectures we have worked on following subjects:

  • From good behaviour we have had several subjects on following topics: shame as a good virtue, the significance of brotherhood among believers, good company and choosing friends, pride and quality of believers.
  • From moral stories we have discussed following: story about Zekerijja  a.s. and stories about Jahja   a.s;
  • More advanced group that we work with in our centre has regularly worked on reading Kur’an, and with the rest of the children we practiced sura En-Nasr  and  El-Kafirun (sponsored by Mr Harun Yusuf).
  • From the rest of the educational programme we learned ilahija, different social games and cartoons with moral content.

Our Arabic lessons will have to be prolonged till the mid next month because of our schedule which depends on the children’s schedule in school. Insha’Allah, by the 15th of March we will successfully continue with that.

From sport activities we had outdoors games in the snow, but also football, kung fu, tennis, table tennis and darts.

We also distributed sweets to the children during the lectures.