41 children are taking part in the course, ranging from the preschoolers to the 9th grade of the primary school children. First group consists of 15 students, aged from 6th to 9th grade.

Second group consists of 26 students, and according to the method used, it is divided into two groups,  16 children is aged from 3rd to 5th grade of the primary school and 10 students  are aged from the preschoolers to the 2nd graders.

Each group has 4 school lessons per day (Saturdays and Sundays) in total it is 8 school lessons per week. In the older group, 13 students are able to read Qur’an and two of them are learning Arabic letter. In the younger group 16 of them are learning sufara. One third of the course is predicted for the working on the new lessons from fiqh, akidah, ahlak and the history of Islam. The rest is for repetition, learning Qur’an by heart, reciting Qur’an and Arabic letter.

Group 1:

During December there was 18 hours of lessons, on Saturdays and Sundays, in period from 12: 15 to 13: 45. Next themes were dealt with:

  • 4th December, knowledge on Islam. Introduction of the terms and the interests of the sciences in Islam, with the stress on Tefsir and Hadith ( the way of collecting and writing hadiths), the terms such as fiqh, akidah and ahlak are known to the students.
  • 10th December, Seri’a, the definition. The importance of the Seri’a, the Allah’s law, in everyday life of a Muslim. Sources of the Seri’a.
  • 11th December, Lamzetullah- the rule on the way of pronunciation of the term Allah in the Qur’an.
  • 18th December, Bosnian church (heredity) and the appearance of Islam in our country. Introducing the study of this community in the medieval Bosnia, and its beliefs that enabled people recognize Islam as the only truth based on the Revelation.
  • 24th December, obligations towards parents seen through Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed.
  • 31st December, introducing the pagan ancient Roman practice concerning the beginning of January, named after the false god Janus.

Group 2:

During December there was 18 hours of lessons, in period from 14:00 to 15: 30.

  • 3rd December, rules of behavior while in the mosque.  What to do and to say while entering the mosque and what to say and to do when exit.
  • 4th December, prophet Ibrahim, his childhood and teenage in Uruk, the destruction of the idols, trial of the ruler Nemrud to burn Ibrahim in the fire ( worked in accordance with the book “ Qur’an tales for children” )
  • 11th December, the experience of Hadžer and little Ismail in the valley of Mekka. Zemzem spring
  • 17th December, Amentu- billahi- the first pillar of Iman
  • 25th December, Amentu- bimelaiketihi- the second pillar of Iman
  • 31st December, the tale on  prophets Jakub and Jusuf, firs part

Work with adults

Work with adults takes place twice a week, on Fridays and Sunday, from Magrib to Isha’. This activity is based on the reciting Qur’an and talking about some Islamic themes, formed as lessons and conversation. 14 students are taking part in the course. 9 of them learn the Arabic letter, the youngest one is 19 and the oldest one is 56 years old. The rest of them are reciting Qur’an and the rules.


During December there were eight gatherings in four weeks. At the beginning of the month, we bought a ball that is used for the practice of the football skills.

The most of the attention was attracted by the game “Who wants to be a millionaire”, inspired by the famous quiz. The questions were adjusted to the age of the children, and the humble prizes were given to the ones who showed best knowledge. Also, there is a competition for the students in an assays on the places they live in. it has not finished yet.

Furthermore, a final test is in preparation, to check what the children have learned so far. As I said, there were eight gatherings during December. Besides the physical activities, learning to play chess and the quiz, next themes were dealt with:

  • Deeds of Ibrahim
  • The importance of the family and discussion on the story “ Favorite son”, this theme was specially dealt with and repeated for some times
  • Discussion on the story about Šua’jb, the prophet
  • Discussion on the things that had been done before and check

60 children take place in the course.

They are divided according to the age:

Group 1: children aged between 8 and 12, born from 2003- 1999, there are 20 of them in the group

Group 2: children aged between 12 and 15, born from 1999- 1996, there are 25 of them. To this group belong boys older from 15, born 1996. 1989.


During December there were eight gatherings in four weeks.

During these gatherings there were 30 children taking place, 20 of which were girls and 10 boys, aged from 6 to 17.

During the month next themes were dealt with:

  • Tales about the prophets, Adem and Nuh
  • Tale about Salih’s camel and about Salih in general
  • Naming all 28 prophets mentioned in the Qur’an, respectively
  • The pillars of Islam
  • Continuation of the teaching Arabic letter and reciting Qur’an
  • Watching movies on the history of Islam
  • Short lessons on the history of Bosnia and Bosniaks as same as the arrival of Islam to the area
  • Besides all mentioned above some sports activities were taking place ( football – for boys and volleyball- for girls)