BCP Report January 2011

Our work with children during this month was based on following:

Approximately 170 children participated in our activities.

Here is how in looks in each camp: Špionica 16 (10 boys and 6 girls), Mihatovići 15 (6 boys and 9 girls), Karaula 35 (17 boys and 18 gilrs), Litve 28 (15 boys and 13 girls), Ježevac 21 (10 boys and 11 girls), Mrdići 10 (4 boys and 6 girls), Selsebil 35 (19 girls and 16 girls), Repuh 10 (3 boys and 7 girls).

During the lectures we have discussed following subjects:

  • From good behaviour we have discussed: patience and its consequences, moderation and modesty, purity, preservation of health, gratitude on given benefits;
  • From moral stories we have had: story about Suleiman a.s. and story about Ibrahim  a.s;
  • More advanced group that we work with in our centre has regularly learned Kur’an, and the rest of the children we have practiced sura El-Ihlas and El-Mesed (sponsored by Mr Harun Yusuf).
  • From the rest of the educational programme we learned ilahija, different social games and cartoons with moral content.

Arabic letter course is heading as planned.

 We have organised a quiz in all camps. The best representatives from each camp had the opportunity to compete in their knowledge and we also distributed award for the winners.

From sports we have had football, kung fu, tennis, table tennis and darts.

We have organized a competition in football and volleyball. The aim was to enable the children from the camps to get to know each other a part from competing. We have provided gifts for all participants and the winners had received special awards. Our intention is to make this regular at least ones or twice a year depending on funds available.

We also distributed sweets to the children during the lectures.

We are definitely giving up from our work in the Doborovci camp. After a written approval by the mufti and are conversation with the Islamic community representative in the local community we cannot find solution for our problem. As a compensation for this we are starting our work in camp Repuh.