BCP Report March 2011

During  this month the work with the children involved the following:

There were 179 children present on the activities.

Looking at the numbers from the camps, the numbers were as follows: Špionica 11 (5 Boys & 6 Girls), Mihatovići 13 (5 Boys & 8 Girls), Karaula 29 (13 Boys & 16 Girls), Litve 30 (18 Boys & 12 Girls), Ježevac 24 (12 Boys &  12 Girls), Mrdići 10 (4 Boys &  6 Girls), Selsebil 45 (22 Boys &  23 Girls), Repuh 11 (4 Boys &  7 Girls), Čubrić 6 (4 Boys &  2 Girls).

In our work with the children we covered the following themes:

  • From Good behaviour we have done lectures which talk about the negative behaviour that the children can fall into & which they have to keep away from including swearing, being miserly & being harsh on people.
  • From the stories of the Prophets we talked about Nuh (as).
  • The more advanced group that attends our centre has regularly been reading Kuran & with the rest of the children we taught them how to correctly recite Surah-al-Kauther & Surah-al-Ma’un.
  • The remaining educational / recreational program was spent on learning nasheeds, various games & watching cartoons with a positive message.
  • The course of Arabic letters & writing has finished as mentioned in the previous report & now MashAllah 14 children can read the Kuran.

We have started work in the refugee camp of Cubric where we now have 6 children in both parts of the camp which are separated by  some distance.

From the sports activities we mainly worked on football, kung fu, table tennis & volleyball.During our activities we distributed sweets to the children.