During October, in the name of the project DAWA, under the sponsorship of the Muslim Youth Foundation from Manchester, we began with the workshops with the children in the following returners’ villages: Pobuđe- near Bratunac, Križevići and Jošanica- near Zvornik.








109 children  aged up to 14 took place in the activities.

In each village there were:

Križevići: total 35; boys-35

Pobuđe: total 36; girls- 19; boys- 17

Jošanica: total 38; gils- 12; boys- 26








Workshop in Križevići is lead by Ilijaz Miralemović, a graduated journalist, in Jošanica workshop is lead by Osman Halilović, an imam, and in Pobuđe workshop is lead by Mersed Majstorović, an imam.








During October, children weere doing next:

We were dealing with the book Qur’an Stories for Children in a manner that each child would get one story to dealwith and to write a homework, an essay, and afer all to read that essay to the others during the workshop.next themes were dealt with:

1.       How Allah( the Almighty) created the universe

2.       The father of the humankind

3.       Real brother and the one who is not

4.       The story about Noah, his boat and the Flood

5.       The city with plenty posts, Salih’s camel

6.       About Paradise and Hell

7.       About Hajj and Ca’ba

Children had to write something on these themes.








Besides all things mentioned above, sports activities also took place, usually football.