School Visits/Mosque Visits

As all children and young people can benefit from meaningful interaction, schools will need to consider how to give their pupils the opportunity to mix with and learn with, from and about those from different backgrounds.

Promote discussion of a common sense of identity and support diversity, showing pupils how different communities can be united by shared values and common experiences.

Issues of right and wrong, and what it means to be human.

It enhances students’ awareness and understanding of religions and beliefs, teachings, families, communities and cultures.

Re encourages students to learn from different religions, beliefs, values and traditions, while exploring their own beliefs and questions of meaning. It challenges students to reflect on, consider, analyse, interpret and evaluate issues of truth, belief, faith and ethics and to communicate their responses. Places of worship are often the most noticeable building in an area and people tend to feel strongly about them whether they visit them regularly or not. Looking at religious buildings can help understand an area’s distinctive local history and cultural diversity.

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