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1st of Ramadan tomorrow!

Asamalamu-ailkum Brothers & Sisters,

It has been confirmed that Ramadan starts tomorrow. May Allah accept from all of us in these difficult times. If you require any advice please call us or email us.

We have a Ramadan prayer timetable available and every Friday we will stream live khutbah’s from our facebook page at 1:15pm every Friday. Please make the most of Ramadan and join us on-line.

We urge everybody to stay safe and stay home during lockdown and please follow all rules and only ago out if absolutely necessary or emergencies. Use this time wisely and well.

Please donate to us during the blessed month of Ramadan. You can donate on-line from our website or contact us for further info. We are a charity and we rely on your donations and support.

May Allah bless us with the best of Ramadan’s and may he accept our good deeds in this blessed month.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan will begin on Monday May 6th and Taraweeh prayers will commence tonight after Esha 10:45pm.

Ramadan Jamaat Times:

  • Fajr 4:15am
  • Dhur 01:30pm
  • Asr 06:00pm
  • Maghrib 15-20 mins After Adhaan
  • Esha 10:45pm followed by Taraweeh prayers

Opening Times: 12:00pm – 12:00am
Ramadan prayer timetable is available from our main office.

Ramadan Fund Raising 2019

Salam aleikum brothers and sisters,

The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us, and as you all know The Myf provides services throughout the month including daily Iftar, Taraweeh, Family weekend Iftar and events plus The Blessed ‘Last 10 Nights’ of Ramadan Qiyam program and so much more. The shade of the believer on the Day of Judgement will be his charity (Ahmad)

As you know we are a charity and rely one donations in order to provide the services we do. Our target is £30,000 which inshallah will cover all costs required in this blessed month.

Use this blessed opportunity to donate and earn the best rewards.  The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said: “No one knows the reward of fasting except Allah” (Al-Bayhaqi)


Daily iftaar during the blessed month of Ramadan to feed
between 200-250 brothers and sisters
Amount required: Approx £750 per day
(You can pay the whole event or part – e.g. ½ or ¼ )


Saturday ‘family’ iftar (x4) during the blessed month of
Ramadan to feed up to 450 brothers and sisters
This includes: Dates, milk, juice & full meal.
Amount required: Approx £1400 every saturday
(You can pay the whole event or part – e.g. ½ or ¼ )


The Blessed ‘Last 10 Nights’ of Ramadan Qiyam program
Amount required for each night: Approx £250
Amount required for the 27th nightr: Approx £1000
(You can pay the whole event or part – e.g. ½ or ¼ )

Ramadan starts 17th May 2018

Asalaamualikum Brothers & Sisters,

We are pleased to announce that the start of Ramadan is the 17th May, which has been confirmed! Taraweeh will commence every evening after Esha Jammat starting from the 16th of May.

Please feel free to pickup an Myf timetable from the office which will have all the info. you require.

Ramadan Kareem